“I’m a better person today for knowing her”
As a master of the English language, Cindy Martindale displays a remarkable ability to compose descriptive letters and meaningful prose. By doing so, she captures the reader’s interest immediately. It is always refreshing to read whatever she has written and makes it impossible not to read and re-read what she has composed. This is a true gift!

Cindy has an analytical mind that allows her to “look” at situations with fresh eyes and articulate whatever is before her with clarity. In the years I worked with her in a senior living facility, she was a great mentor/teacher. She never tired of me asking questions. Cindy supported and encouraged me all along the way in her training, then released and trusted me to do my job; I knew and felt that she wanted me to succeed. This is the mark of a great leader! I’ve always enjoyed experiencing just how well she deals professionally with people, yet is personable at the same. This is also a gift!

In the many years I’ve known Cindy, she has an eagerness to “get to know” people because she genuinely cares about them. She has been a true friend, displaying kindness, understanding and compassion. These are all attributes that clearly come across in her writing and interacting, not only with friends, but with the general population. I’m a better person today for knowing her.

I highly recommend and endorse Cindy Martindale as a writer, analytical thinker and compassionate listener.
-- Patti Van Groningen, VP of Jondec Painting


“Very Professional, Very Good Listener”
I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Cindy . . . when one of my parents needed to transition into senior living accommodations. Cindy provided great insight into the facility and what it had to offer in terms of making the transition a success. Attention to detail was very important since I was new to exploring senior living. Cindy provided that and more . . . Cindy is very professional and is a very good listener.
-- Eileen Ann Patterson, Client

“Passion for her Profession”
Cindy is a highly motivated, service oriented professional who has as much passion for her profession as she does compassion for [seniors] . . . Cindy’s vast experience and commitment to service would make her an incredible asset to any company.

-- Cindy Schaefer, Food Service Director

“Thorough, Responsive, Caring”
Cindy assisted me when I was researching retirement living and eventually assisted living for my father. Cindy was thorough, responsive, caring, and provided invaluable assistance to me and my family as we worked through a difficult process. I would recommend Cindy to anyone looking for a fantastic employee.

-- Karl Witt, Client

“Strong Sales Skills”
I worked with Cindy for the past four years in the senior housing industry. Her aggressive passion to help families find the best care, along with her strong sales skills allow her to be successful. Cindy will exceed expectations.
-- Tess Hurley, Senior Care Consultant

“Wonderful to Work With”
Cindy is dedicated, compassionate and caring, and wonderful to work with. No one could ask for a better person to do the job of marketing, selling and caring for seniors as they make a huge decision to change their lives. Moving from the comforts of home to a new environment is a scary process and Cindy takes the worry out of it for them.
-- Maggie LoCicero, President/Owner, Perfect Bath Solutions, Inc.

“Wonderful Empathy for Seniors”
Cindy is a top notch professional marketer with a wonderful empathy for seniors. She is knowledgeable, detailed, great with customers, friendly and persistent without being pushy. She was the reason I felt completely comfortable helping my aged parents move into [a senior living community].
-- John Van Groningen, President, Jondec Painting

“Compassion for Seniors”
I have always appreciated working with Cindy because of her caring compassion for seniors, while taking into account the realities of the bottom line. However, I never realized how good she really was until I started working with dozens of marketing directors in multiple senior living environments. Cindy is one of the best I have worked with in this role.
-- Jeff McBride, Financial Income Solutions

“Perfect Combination”
Martindale Copywriting is the perfect combination of Cindy’s talents: many years of successful sales/marketing experience, an in-depth knowledge of the senior living industry, and extraordinary writing skills. Her ability to put ideas into written form is truly amazing.
Cindy always demonstrates a very strong work ethic. Her attention to detail
and her desire for excellence is impressive. Her caring and compassionate spirit come through in everything she does.
--Jacqueline Lord, Art Van of Michigan


“Sterling Communication Skills”
I have known Cindy Neher Martindale for more than 40 years and I can sincerely attest to her tremendous work ethic and sterling communication skills. I remember her from her days as an editor of our college newspaper when she had to not only write, but manage a staff and handle printing (yes, there were actually printing presses and copy deadlines back in the day) and circulation logistics. Then, as now, she is a talented and creative person who can get the job done.

Cindy's years of experience with senior living issues marries beautifully with her outstanding writing and communication skills. Technically, Cindy writes well and creatively, but there is so much more that she offers: true compassion and understanding of seniors and their myriad issues.

When the time comes for you to communicate effectively with seniors and their caregivers, I can think of no better person to entrust with your confidence than Cindy. I know she will give you excellent service that is both practical and infused with compassionate understanding.

Cindy is simply the best choice you can make!
-- Ellen Murphy Jeffries, Director, Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency