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I help Senior Care providers build strong relationships with your prospects by using . . .

Case Studies
White Papers
Key Message Copy Platforms

. . . and that’s important because these methods accelerate profits and shorten the your sales cycle.

How? Read on to find the secret(s)

All Senior Care providers need content that CONNECTS with what seniors want. Seniors want a relationship with you! That’s exactly why I specialize in delivering 3 main products to meet your needs.

Case Studies

Seniors want to know you realize how they feel, that decision-making is complex, that other seniors went through what they’re going through and thrived. YOU were the answer to their success!

Who doesn’t love a good story? That’s all a case studies is: one or two pages providing a before/after picture of a solved problem.

Feature a senior with an overwhelming problem (“why, that’s me, that’s just how I feel!”),
The solution you provided,
The steps to resolution,
The benefits and results,

And you have proof of a happy, loyal, senior you helped (“well maybe they could help me.)! Share who you are and the successes in your “family.”

White Papers

Seniors want to know what makes you unique. What sets you apart from all of your competition? WHY should seniors choose YOU as the solution to their equation?

A White Paper is five to ten pages in length and takes a serious look at one topic -- full of substance, details, facts, strategies, methods, and answers -- all positioning YOU as a leading expert.

Help your prospects “know, like, and TRUST” you.

Share who you are and WHY you’re the RIGHT CHOICE for seniors.

Key Message Copy Platform

Seniors need to read and hear a consistent marketing message (which may make the Key Message Copy Platform your new best friend for writing anything about your business). Key elements:

Roughly ten pages long
“Master Messaging Document” contains all relevant marketing statements & messages about your product/services
Becomes the springboard from which you write all collateral pieces and communications
No more having to reinvent the wheel or “wing it”
Ensures consistent voice and message

Consistency in voice & message is important to you and your prospects, but for completely different reasons.

YOU have a business to run. You want a consistent marketing message to smooth the path to closing the sale, preferably sooner rather than later.

SENIORS want a relationship with you, affirmation that their decision to buy feels right. They want to buy from you first; secondly, they want what you’re selling.

Seniors want to TRUST you . . . so give trust to them with the consistency you both want in marketing messages.

Let Key Message Copy Platforms help build your reputation. If you want high-impact marketing materials with a consistent tone and message for traditional, digital, and social media campaigns, then let’s get started!

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